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Accidents and Injuries in Federal Way

If you have experienced a trauma, it is likely that your spine has been affected. If left untreated or masked with drugs, the root of your problem is not addressed and may show up weeks, months and even years in the future. Dr. Bastron is trained to assist those who have been injured, allowing them to recover their health.

Help for a Range of Injury Types at Bastron Chiropractic

Whether you have had a work injury, slip and fall, motor vehicle accident, sports injury or disc problem, we are here to help you. Many of our patients have injured themselves on the ski slopes or lifted weights improperly at the gym. Others have been in a collision and may have experienced whiplash. Even if your injury occurred years ago, there may still be options for you to heal, enjoying greater mobility, less pain and a higher quality of life.

Often, a team approach may be the best solution for you to restore your health. Dr. Bastron works with area physical therapists and acupuncturists and we have a massage therapist on staff. We are happy to partner with other providers to give you the best quality of care and the shortest healing times.

Recovering from a Motor Vehicle Accident

Millions of people are injured in auto accidents every year, and even a minor accident can result in long term pain. Dr. Bastron provides gentle, effective care for patients recovering from auto accidents, helping them relieve painful symptoms and attain optimal recovery.

What kinds of injuries occur most commonly after auto accidents?

Auto accidents can cause many different types of injuries depending on the circumstances of the accident, as well as your own underlying health. Some of the most common auto accident-related injuries involve the back and the neck. That’s because even a relatively minor “fender bender” can result in impacts that can cause soft tissue injury like whiplash as well as damage to the spinal joints and discs.

Should I see a chiropractor even if the accident I had was a minor one?

Yes; many auto accident injuries may not cause symptoms until days or even weeks later. Having a chiropractic evaluation following a minor car accident – even if you feel fine afterward – is the best way to evaluate your back and neck to identify issues that could become more pronounced over time. Having a chiropractic exam also helps because spinal adjustments can help relieve or reduce inflammation that could develop down the road. Without proper care and attention, injuries from even a small car accident could result in a long-term disability.

How can chiropractic care help me recover following an auto accident?

Most auto accidents involve whiplash-like injuries that develop when an impact causes a “whipping” motion of the neck or another area of the spine. The rapid stretching of muscles and other soft tissues and twisting of the spine can cause significant inflammation which can irritate nerves and result in neck and back pain, sciatica and chronic headaches. Chiropractic works by realigning the spine to restore balance and relieve inflammation, promoting both healthy circulation and normal nerve flow for faster relief of symptoms.

Those who have been in auto accidents are three times more likely to experience early degeneration because of the impact to the spine. If you wait to seek treatment, you may develop worsening symptoms over time, later discovering that your injury never healed properly and is now in a critical state. These forms of degeneration can affect the nerves in your body, and you may feel symptoms such as numbness and tingling in the arms and legs, arm or leg pain (sciatica) or even muscle weakness.

Getting Started

Your first appointment takes about 45 minutes to an hour. It involves a complete health history, physical exam and chiropractic treatment. We encourage you to download the necessary paperwork from our website and bring it in completed to save time. Bring your insurance information with you, because chiropractic care is a covered benefit on most insurance plans.

Contact our practice today to find out more about care for accidents and injuries in Federal Way or to schedule a visit. We are open on Saturdays and offer convenient late hours.


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