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What Bastron Chiropractic Patients Are Saying

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care decision. One of the highest compliments we can receive is positive feedback from a patient. The following testimonials are a tribute to the quality care and individual attention we strive for at Bastron Chiropractic. Please contact our Federal Way chiropractic office if you have any questions.

Health and Happiness,
Dr. Michael Bastron

A chiropractor you can trust

Dr. Mike is my family’s personal chiropractor. I had been to several chiropractors in the past and didn’t stay with them mainly because of their bedside manner. Dr. Mike is the most gentle, knowledgeable, detailed, and personable chiropractor I have had the pleasure to work with. I fully trust all my family members (children too) to his care. He has helped my husband lead a more pain-free life and for this I am very grateful. He really is the best chiropractor in this area – possibly the Northwest! Thanks, Dr. Mike!

Joelle R.
Federal Way, WA

Spinal Decompression Therapy changed my life

I’ve been very blessed to find myself in the office of Dr. Michael Bastron. I was almost giving up on the idea that I would have a normal life after falling at work and damaging my spine. I had suffered with back pain, nerve pain, and spasms for about a year and a half when I was asked to try a new type of therapy and was referred to Dr. Bastron for Spinal Decompression Therapy.Show More

Wow – what a difference a day makes! Each time I was treated with Spinal Decompression and manual chiropractic adjustments, my back improved! For me, sitting, standing, walking, and laying on my side was such a struggle. Within 2 months of treatment, most of my back pain and all of my back spasms were gone. I’m amazed at the wonderful difference in how I feel – all thanks to Dr. Bastron. I went from pain all the time to most of the time without pain!

Dr. Bastron is very professional, trustworthy, kind, and shows real compassion. He’s concerned about a patient’s comfort level. I know that others could benefit from Spinal Decompression if only they would be willing to give it a try. I have nothing but praise to give to Dr. Bastron. He has improved the quality of my life.

His receptionist is also very nice, professional, and extremely helpful with processing insurance paperwork. I thank them both – they’re a terrific team!

Ingrid F.
Federal Way, WA

Dr. Bastron saved me from having surgery

I originally began seeing Dr. Bastron for my low back pain. I didn’t think to mention the hand numbness I was experiencing because my M.D. told me I had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and that it would require surgery. I mentioned it in passing to Dr. Bastron and after examining my wrist, he found that it was out of alignment. He suspected the misalignment was causing my hand numbness.

After 2 to 3 wrist adjustments my numbness was gone. I would have undergone a needless surgery if it wasn’t for Dr. Bastron. I was surprised to learn that chiropractors don’t just treat the spine. Thank you so much for all the relief you have given me!

Dana Y.
Milton, WA

Chiropractic care for the family

I have been a patient of Dr. Bastron for 18 years. I hurt my back when I twisted wrong getting into my new car and was in terrible pain. I called a friend who had seen Dr. Bastron and she referred me to him without hesitation. He worked me into his schedule that very day and helped me stand up again. Dr. Mike, as my family calls him, has treated all 3 of my children. Dr. Mike has seen them to “fix” them after skateboard mishaps, soccer injuries, and even my 2-year-old who fell off a small slide and twisted her wrist. All my children have made it to adulthood and are still patients of Dr. Mike.Show More

Dr. Mike has helped me through many situations requiring a letter for surgical approvals. Parts of my treatments have included the use of the decompression table and it has relieved my low back pain and sciatic nerve pain. The traction is very closely monitored and is extremely effective. Dr. Mike is a kind, gentle, good-hearted man. He is smart and uses his healing hands to keep your body in tune with itself. Dr. Mike Bastron is a respectful professional and treats all of his patients with dignity. He listens to your needs and works to find what will make you feel better. I am extremely thankful to have such an excellent doctor to take care of my family.

Karen F.
Tacoma, WA


I came to Dr. Bastron in May 2011, with sciatic nerve pain down my right leg. I had suffered with it for a year. My M.D. offered pain pills and/or physical therapy, neither option was a good solution. I experienced relief almost immediately after seeing Dr. Bastron and I continue to improve daily. I was fearful of chiropractic, even though my husband, our 4 children, and 2 grandchildren all go to Dr. Bastron – but I had nothing to fear! Dr. Bastron has a gentle, effective touch. I wish I had come in a year ago!

Carolyn S.
Milton, WA

Dr. Bastron helped me regain my quality of life

Several years ago I came to Dr. Bastron because I was having serious issues with my hips, as a result of childbirth and a fall down a flight of stairs. I was at the point that I thought maybe I would end up having to have surgery. Dr. Bastron took the time to listen to my history and do a complete evaluation, making a solid recommendation as to what needed to be done. Through physical therapy and many visits he got me back to where my quality of life is not even a second thought. I visit him monthly to make sure everything stays adjusted and healthy. I would most definitely recommend him to anyone whose quality of life is affected by misalignment.

Anitra C.
Federal Way, WA

Best chiropractor ever

For the past 18 plus years my husband Dave and I have been going to Dr. Mike Bastron for chiropractic treatment. Dr. Mike and his staff have always been professional and easy to talk to. It is very plain to see that Dr. Mike loves his job and we have benefited from his dedication to this profession. If we need him in a hurry at an unexpected time, he does everything he can to get us in and treated. He also gives us instruction on what to do for any muscle pain or stiffness. Besides being the best chiropractor I have ever had, he is also one of the nicest people I have ever met. It’s wonderful to know I won’t ever have to “go shopping” for another chiropractor. Do not hesitate to make an appointment for treatment from Dr. Mike. He’s the best!

Nancy L.
Tacoma, WA

Gentle and compassionate chiropractor

Dr. Bastron is an excellent and gifted chiropractor. He is always gentle with the adjustments, extremely giving with his time and compassionate with his patients. I have been dealing with a long term back issue and the reason I am mobile is in large part due to Dr. Bastron. I highly recommend Dr. Bastron and have, in fact, sent my children, other family members and friends to him. They all have been very pleased with the care he has provided.

Jennifer G.
Puyallup, WA

A chiropractor with integrity

If you’re looking for a chiropractor, you should definitely see Dr. Michael Bastron. I’ve been a patient of Dr. Bastron for about 5 years now and I have only positive things to say about him. He genuinely cares about your health and well being, is truly dedicated to his patients, and is a man of great integrity. His staff is friendly and courteous and his office is a very comfortable and professional environment to have your treatments. I always leave his office feeling like a new person and I wish that everyone can feel the way I do. I have less low back pains and hardly ever get headaches thanks to Dr. Bastron. Highly recommended!

Sherry I.
Kent, WA


I was suffering with low back pain for several months when a friend suggested seeing Dr. Bastron. During my first visit he did a review of my overall health. I told him about the vertigo I had been living with the past 25 years. I was surprised when he told me that chiropractic might help my vertigo. It took a few weeks of treatment, but I began to see my low back pain and vertigo improve. I went from having daily vertigo to one episode every 3 to 4 weeks. I wish I had known about chiropractic years ago. I suffered needlessly for years. Thank you Dr. Bastron for changing my life! I am so glad my friend recommended you!

Patricia M.
Milton, WA

Didn’t believe in chiropractic until seeing Dr. Bastron

About 5 years ago I was complaining about my side, hip, and back hurting. Every morning when I got up, I hurt. Someone at work recommended that I go see his chiropractor, Dr. Mike. I told him I didn’t believe in chiropractic. The pain was getting worse so I finally gave in – I went to see Dr. Mike. I had instant relief after my first visit! I’ve been going once a month since then. I can’t believe what a difference chiropractic has made for me. I look forward to every visit – the staff is awesome and I love their office. Thanks for helping me feel so much better, Dr. Mike!

Lisa C.
Tacoma, WA

Treats you as an individual

I’ve received nothing but professionalism from Dr. Bastron. He’s conscious of your time and answers your questions during your visits. He even follows up with phone calls. Dr. Bastron shows and demonstrates concern and empathy of what you’re going through. He also offers alternatives along with your chiropractic treatments to educate you with the knowledge that you need to help your healing process. Most importantly, he treats you as an individual.

Anita M.
Federal Way, WA